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Abrasion-resistan Submersible Sand Dredging Pump, Agitator Sand Pump


1.Dredging for river, lake, man work lake, port.
2.Sucking sand in river, lake and sea.
3.Discharging sediments and mud slurry
4.Drainage in civil pipeline and rainwater pumping station
5.Cleaning steel mill and ore treatment plant settling pond, power plant's sediment coal pool and pollution water treatment plant oxidation ditch sediment pool.
6.Transferring water and slag slurry in steel and iron mill.
7.Transferring tailings and slag pulp in concentrating mill.
8.Cleaning slime and slurry in coal mine
9.Transfering coal fly ash, slime and coal slurry
10.Absorbing all kinds of carborundum, silica sand and steel slag solid particles.
11.Gold sand dredging, iron sand suction and mineral processing
12.Transferring slurry with all kinds of impurity
13.Transferring slurry with more bigger solid particles

Service conditions

1. Power supply: 380V/50Hz 3-phase supply, special voltage available upon request.
2. Temperature of the medium cannot exceed 60 Celsius, and no inflammable or explosive gases included in the medium.
3. Maximum weight concentration for the ash is 45% and 60% for the slag.
4. Submerged depth:  not more than 20 meters, and not less than 1 meter.


Agitator creates a waterjet downwards into the sediment. The sand is swirled up and further mixed with water, enabling to pump medium with high density.

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