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3/8 Inch Double Diaphragm Pneumatic Paint Pump

1. Adoption of compressed air as the drive source;
2. Best for the working sites with flammable and/or explosive materials, e.g. paint, balata, chemical and so on.
3. Adjusting the air pressure with stepless speed change of the fluid conveyance;
4. Reliable operation preventing the machine from damage due to dry-running or accidental halt; Simple structure and higher durability enable easy maintenance.
Coating interface size:3/8 INCH     
Max Air Pressure:7BAR
Liquid in and out Size:3/8" NPT  
Air in and out size:1/4" NPT
Min Staring Pressure: Planar Valve:1.6bar Low Pressure Valve:0.5bar
Max flow rate: 25L/MIN      
Max Air Consumption:200NL/MIN   
Max solid diameter: Φ2.0MM
Suction Lift: 6.4M (wet)  3.7M (dry)
Bare pump weight: 3.5kgs


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