• Jun 22, 2016

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Daily Maintenance of Valves

  1. Keep valve in dry room and cap inlet & outlet on bothsides.
  2. Regular check on vavles for longtime stocked valves, keep clean and rust-proof.
  3. After installation, check regularly is needed, in following steps:
    • Check wear conditions of seal face.
    • Check wear conditions of stem and stem nut.
    • Check conditions of packing, replace a new one in case of wearing.
    • Do pressure test after checking.

4. During operation, make sure that all the accessories are keep completed. Nuts of flagne and support are necessary,  no loose is allowable. Tighten up the stem nut in case of loosing. Keep the nameplate and handwheel ready, not allow to use wrench in stead of handwheel. For usign in heavy-polluted conditions such as raining, snowing, dust, windy and others, stem shall be capped to prevent damages. No beating on the valves, standing or putting weight on the valves, especically for the non-metallic valve and cast iron valves.



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