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Corrosion-resistant Plastic Chemical Pump

The component of Corrosion-resistant Plastic Chemical Pump that contacts the medium is using the phenolic glass fiber plastic component made of polyvinyl acetal modified phenolic glass fiber material and pressed from mould under high temperature. The product has the advantages of light, strong, ametabolic, heat resistant and corrosion resistant. On the aspect of corrosion resistant, it can replace the expensive metal like: titanium, titanium alloy and molybdenumrous stainless steel.


1. Flow rate up to 110 m3/h
2. Delivery head up to 30.5 m
3. Power up to 15.0 kw     2900 r/min   
   Three-phase power supply  if request.
   Single-phase power supply if request.
4. Suitable Medium:hydrochloric acid,Sulfuric acid,Acetic acid,Formic acid etc.
5. Mechanical Seal


Casing:Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(FRP)                                     
Impeller:Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer(FRP)

Technical Parameters:

Model No. Capacity  m3/h Head    m Speed  r/min Eff. (NPSH)r    m Power  kw
SL25-12.5  3.2 12.5 2900 3 37 0.75
SL40-20  6.3 20 2900 3 45 1.1
SL50-20  12.5 20 2900 3 57 2.2
SL50-32  12.5 32 2900 3 47 3.0/4.0


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