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L port T port Three Way Ball Valve, Multi port flanged Ball Valve


1.In the double-seated sealing design, the 3-way ball valve enjoys compact structure, good configuration and favorable sealing performance. The valve could make a realization the switching of flow direction of the medium inside the pipeline. Furthermore, it also could connect or shut-down the two orthogonal passages.

2.In the 4-seated design, the 3-way ball valve enjoys reasonable, compact structure and good configuration. The valve could not only make a realization the switching of another. Meanwhile, the valve also features the capacity of shutting-down one of the 3 passages while connecting the other two ones for flexible control of the convergent flow or shutting of the medium in pipelines.

Material List

No Part Name Material
1 Body, Bonnet A216-WCB
2 sealing ring PTFE
3 Ball SS 304
4 Seat, Stem A246-416
5 Dual-head bolt A193-B7


Standard Applications

Mixing or blending of line media
Diversion of flow to different locations
Bypass of flow around strainers, meters, heat exchangers, etc.
Direct flow out of or into storage tanks
Shutoff flow from different locations


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