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Lug Body Style Butterfly Valve

Full Lug Type Butterfly Valve with Centric Disc and Bonded Liner. 100% bi-directional bubble tight shut off.
Applicable for all kinds of industries, especially shipbuilding, offshore, petrochemical, heavy industry, water treatment and civil engineering.

*Overall design generally in accordance to BS EN 593
*Face to face dimension in accordance to EN 558 table I, Series 20 (Series 16 from DN700 and above)
*Top flange and shaft end in accordance to ISO 5211
*Working pressure from 0.1 Bar absolute up to 16 Bar (Test Pressure 17.6 Bar)
*Working pressure up to 25 Bar (Test Pressure 27.5 Bar) on request
*Suitable as end of line service valve
*DN50 – DN2200
*Mounting between flanges to DIN PN10, DIN PN16 or ASME Class 150
*Other type of connection on request



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