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Angle Seat Valve, Piston Angle Seat Valve


Angle seat valve types, also known as air operated angle seat valves or externally operated valves are the optimum valve choice when a standard solenoid valve is not able to do the job. Angle seat piston valves are particularly suited to applications where high temperatures and large flow rates are required, such as steam or water. 

Technical Data

Pressure range: 0-16 bar
Medium Temp: -20℃…+180℃
Ambient Temp: -20℃…+60℃
Body Material: Stainless Steel
Sealing Material: PTFE
Actuator Material:PA
Medium: Neutral gas, Air, Water


*Sterilizers and autoclaves
*High pressure lubrication
*Steam distribution
*Equipment for textile production
*Equipment for industrial steam pressing
*Mixing of paints, inks and colours
*Equipments for industrial washing and cleaning


Control functions: Normally Closed, Normally Open, Double Acting
Connection: Thread, Tri-damp, Weld, Flanged
NAMUR solenoid mounting pad
Limit switch, manual override devices, and solenoid valve upon request



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